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children | george, rory & annabel

Wow, what a day! Such a great family. Scorching hot sunshine and the children didn’t stop grinning all day. I had resort to special measures to ensure I captured some different expressions [please note, no children were harmed in the pursuit of photographic variety!]. We had lots of fun playing in the garden, and I learnt some new games ….. I have to say, throwing the child into the hedge is a new one on me, but George loved it! Hot sunshine, water and children always mix well, so this bunch needed no persuasion to put on their swimming trunks/costumes and get out the hosepipe (well, OK, Rory needed a bit of persuassion to keep his trunks on, but it’s a fact of life, young children and clothes don’t always stay together!). Through all of this, Annabel, who was just coming up to her 2nd birthday, totally managed to keep up with her brothers and join in with most of the games – no way was she going to be left out. Eventually we headed inside for some much needed juice & chocolate cake, and a few pictures in the children’s bedrooms.

George 1

George, Rory, Annabel

george & rory




annabel, george & rory

annabel 2

toddler | lily

Mum Vikki & I had a great time with Lily during her photo shoot. Lily was 13.5 months at the time, and is a very busy and inquisitive little girl. We spent quite a bit of time exploring the garden and sorting stones, followed by some flying games with Mum and some fun with my barrel. Then we popped inside for a tea party and some drum playing, before a last trip outside to catch some bubbles. Lily was thoroughly delightful through the whole shoot, and you can see by her smiles that she is a very happy – and beautiful – child.

Lily 1

Lily 3

Lily 2

Lily 4

Lily 5

baby | willow

Willow was just 10 weeks old when these photos were taken. Though you wouldn’t believe that she was so young, as she was incredibly chatty. Oh, and very very gorgeous! For most of the shoot, it was just mum, Simone, & me who got to play with Willow. But Willow’s dad, Mike, made the mistake of returning from work just before I left, so he was roped in for a few shots too!

Willow 1

Willow 2a

Willow 3a

Willow 4a

Willow 5

Willow 7

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newborn | emily & big brother josh

I had great fun meeting the beautiful Emily at just 9 days old and her lively big brother, 3 year old Josh. Emily was the perfect model, giving us a brief flash of those huge dark eyes and then sleeping through the rest of the shoot, while we rearranged her and changed her pose as we wished. There was just the small matter of the obligatory non-stop wee all over one of my throws as soon as her nappy was removed for a possible naked shot, but I think we can forgive anything when we see how beautiful she looks in the rest of the photos. Josh is highly delighted with his new sister, and proved to be an excellent photographer’s assistant as well, complete with his own camera!

The family loved all the images, and ordered a large canvas of Josh kissing Emily for pride of place on their living room wall, as well as a DVD slideshow and beautiful photo art book. Examples of these products can be seen in the products to treasure section of this site (under about in the main menu at the top of the page).

Emma Josh 1

Emma Josh 2

Emma Josh 3

Emma Josh 4

Emma Josh 5

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