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children | seasons greetings from tess & brodie

Every year, I produce a Christmas card for our relatives and a few close friends. I try to come up with a different idea each year – some have worked better than others! – and set out with great optimism to capture my children’s cheeky grins in some sort of seasonal pose. It generally takes me as long as I would spend on a whole shoot for anyone else’s children to get one image that is sort of usable, and this year was no different. However, I was quite pleased with the result, and printed up a batch to send to everyone I’d done shoots for and all our friends and relatives (well, having thought we’d completely over-ordered, we actually ran out, so didn’t quite get them to everybody – but I did manage to sneak one away into my sample drawer, so have that available to show anyone who would like to see the quality of these professionally printed cards).

xmas card

baby | may

Please meet beautiful May, who was a couple of days short of 12 weeks old when I took these photographs. May is a good friend of Harry’s (see 18 October post), as they were in the same ante-natal class (which, incidentally, was run by national treasure Nancy, who was my midwife when I was pregnant with both of my children!). I am reliably informed by their mums that May and Harry outweighed any other baby in their group at least 3 times over, but I find it hard to believe, as they seemed just the perfect size to me! As you will see, May has the most gorgeous enormous melty brown eyes, and despite November’s best attempt to give us no natural light at all on the morning of the shoot, she was a dream to photograph. This was my last shoot before Christmas, and we managed to get some last minute Christmas presents with canvases for the grandparents and calendars for everyone on mum & dad Alex & Chris’s gift list! Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to get Christmas cards printed and into the post, but I had fun mocking up a card with May in her special reindeer hat.

May 1

May 2

May 5

May 3

May 4

baby | henry

Handsome Henry was 4 months old when I had the pleasure of taking his photos with mum, Clare. Henry is a very happy and relaxed young man, which is just as well, as due to a last minute problem, I had to take my 5 year old daughter along with me to the shoot (believe me, not something I would normally choose to do, but we were going to struggle to find another date for the shoot any time soon, so decided to go ahead as planned). Well, Tess is a bit of a budding photographer in her own right, and kept forgetting who was supposed to the lead photographer on the day – I had to keep asking her to move out of the way so that I could get my shots! Henry – cool boy that he is – totally took it in his stride and just struck the poses for both of us!

Henry 1

Henry 2

Henry 3

Henry 4

Henry 5

newborn | harry

You know when someone says something and both of you immediately look at each other and think ‘shouldn’t have said that’? Well, that was what happened when I arrived at Harry’s house for his shoot at 4 weeks old. Mum Debbie welcomed me in with the words ‘Harry’s just upstairs having his nappy changed, he’s clean, he’s had a sleep and a feed, and he’s happy and ready to go for the shoot’! Well, of course, there was no way Harry was going to stand for that sort of comment from his mum, and he was a little unsettled for the few hours I was there. However, we took our time, had plenty of breaks, lots of cuddles and some extra feeds, and inbetween times, we got some fabulous images of Harry and his parents. I know Debbie & Shaun were thrilled with the photos, and ordered a large canvas for their home, and a stack of calendars for Christmas presents.

Harry 1





Harry family

newborn | edward

I first met Edward when he was still inside his mummy’s tummy. Mette asked me to take some photos of ‘the bump’ and to come back to capture some newborn images once Edward had been born. The pregnancy photos were taken with less than 3 weeks to go to Edward’s due date, and we were cutting it a bit fine, as he arrived 2 weeks after the shoot. I took the photos of Edward when he was just 4 weeks old – though it’s hard to believe with all that hair and his huge blue eyes. It never ceases to amaze me how new babies come out with their own personalities and their own individual look. Edward was no exception, he was wide awake through the whole shoot – apart from a very brief interlude for a post-feed stupor! – and incredibly alert, taking in all that was going on and sharing a joke with his mum. Dad Mark probably thought he had come home from work late enough to avoid being photographed, but he was just in time for me to capture a few images of him with his son. Overall, a very enjoyable few hours with a lovely family and a gorgeous little boy.


Edward 1

Edward 2

Edward 3

Edward 4


Edward 5

Edward 7