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children | seasons greetings from tess & brodie

Every year, I produce a Christmas card for our relatives and a few close friends. I try to come up with a different idea each year – some have worked better than others! – and set out with great optimism to capture my children’s cheeky grins in some sort of seasonal pose. It generally takes me as long as I would spend on a whole shoot for anyone else’s children to get one image that is sort of usable, and this year was no different. However, I was quite pleased with the result, and printed up a batch to send to everyone I’d done shoots for and all our friends and relatives (well, having thought we’d completely over-ordered, we actually ran out, so didn’t quite get them to everybody – but I did manage to sneak one away into my sample drawer, so have that available to show anyone who would like to see the quality of these professionally printed cards).

xmas card

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