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Please meet beautiful May, who was a couple of days short of 12 weeks old when I took these photographs. May is a good friend of Harry’s (see 18 October post), as they were in the same ante-natal class (which, incidentally, was run by national treasure Nancy, who was my midwife when I was pregnant with both of my children!). I am reliably informed by their mums that May and Harry outweighed any other baby in their group at least 3 times over, but I find it hard to believe, as they seemed just the perfect size to me! As you will see, May has the most gorgeous enormous melty brown eyes, and despite November’s best attempt to give us no natural light at all on the morning of the shoot, she was a dream to photograph. This was my last shoot before Christmas, and we managed to get some last minute Christmas presents with canvases for the grandparents and calendars for everyone on mum & dad Alex & Chris’s gift list! Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to get Christmas cards printed and into the post, but I had fun mocking up a card with May in her special reindeer hat.

May 1

May 2

May 5

May 3

May 4

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