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Lily is the third baby that I have photographed from Harry & May’s antenatal class, and she proved to be just as good a model as her two friends. Lily is just short of 12 weeks old in these photos, and is a very alert, lively and (as is hopefully very clear from these images) beautiful little girl. Doing a photo shoot can be quite tiring for young babies, as there is a lot of stimulation for them in being moved around, posed, getting a lot of attention over an extended period of time. Lily normally has a nap in the middle of the day, which was towards the end of our shoot. Sam & Trevor, Lily’s mum & dad, told me that she isn’t always that keen on having a daytime nap – after all, there are baby gyms and toy monkeys to be played with!! – but as we approached that time during the shoot, she pretty much just conked out! Of course, we couldn’t leave her alone even then, and managed a few shots of Lily in gorgeous slumber, before she woke up and sprang into action again!!! I love all of these images below, but there’s something about a sleeping baby that just makes me catch my breath and my insides go all mushy – so I’ve saved that one for last, and hope it leaves you mushy too!.

Lily 1

Lily 2

Lily 3

Lily 4

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