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newborn Ava

Despite mum Debbie being convinced that her baby was going to arrive during or before our maternity photo shoot, she hung right on until beyond her due date and Ava arrived safely on 4 October. I couldn’t wait to meet Ava, and headed over to do her first photo shoot when she was 8 days old. Big brother Harry and big sister Grace introduced me to Ava, before Grace went back to her favourite activity of twirling in her party dress.

waiting for Ava

I have already photographed this lovely family’s first two children from newborn through their first years and we have become good friends over this time, so I was thrilled when Debbie told me that she was expecting baby number 3! We booked in a maternity session so that I could capture the anticipation while waiting for the newest member of the family. As you can see, both of the older children were very excited about their new little sister.

baby | anna

I had the pleasure of meeting Lydia and Joe and photographing their beautiful daughter, Anna, over the weekend. Anna had just turned 7 months old, which is a fantastic age to photograph as she is so responsive and into exploring everything (including Grandma’s snowdrops which we put to good use for some lovely Spring photos in the garden and which very nearly made a tasty snack too). Anna also reminded me that babies of this age can somehow manage to move quite deftly even if they can’t officially crawl yet …….. luckily, Lydia has very quick reactions and managed to catch Anna as she dived headfirst off the bed! (all of which I watched in slow motion through my viewfinder … I was on the verge of throwing the camera aside to catch Anna, honestly I was!). I think I managed to get back into Joe’s good books again after dragging him away from the England rugby match to feature in ‘just a few more images’, by leaving before he missed the whole match, so I am looking forward to being invited back to show them my favourite images from the day. I’ve posted a few of these below, as a taster.

2 March, 2010 - 8:12 am

Maz - What a cutie! These are stunning Carole:)

25 April, 2010 - 2:00 pm

Amy Hunsinger - Lovely session Carole! I know your clients have to be just tickled with these. Also….your site and logo are perfect. Love the feel of everything!

baby | harry

I first photographed Harry when he was 4 weeks old, so I was delighted to be asked back for another shoot as he approached 5 months of age. Harry screamed his way through the first shoot, so I should not have been surprised to find that he has turned into a very expressive little boy. Thankfully, this time he was full of smiles and giggles, so mum Debbie, dad Shaun, Harry and I had a fun few hours playing and taking photos. We’re still working on Bill the cat, who just looks angry in every photo, although he is in fact a real softy. Perhaps he just wants his own shoot, instead of having to be an accessory to Harry’s photos!  I’ve attached a few images from the shoot below. I’ve also posted a couple of out-takes on the Indigo Star Photography page on Facebook, so pop over there for a bit of a treat.

baby | lily

Lily is the third baby that I have photographed from Harry & May’s antenatal class, and she proved to be just as good a model as her two friends. Lily is just short of 12 weeks old in these photos, and is a very alert, lively and (as is hopefully very clear from these images) beautiful little girl. Doing a photo shoot can be quite tiring for young babies, as there is a lot of stimulation for them in being moved around, posed, getting a lot of attention over an extended period of time. Lily normally has a nap in the middle of the day, which was towards the end of our shoot. Sam & Trevor, Lily’s mum & dad, told me that she isn’t always that keen on having a daytime nap – after all, there are baby gyms and toy monkeys to be played with!! – but as we approached that time during the shoot, she pretty much just conked out! Of course, we couldn’t leave her alone even then, and managed a few shots of Lily in gorgeous slumber, before she woke up and sprang into action again!!! I love all of these images below, but there’s something about a sleeping baby that just makes me catch my breath and my insides go all mushy – so I’ve saved that one for last, and hope it leaves you mushy too!.

Lily 1

Lily 2

Lily 3

Lily 4